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Finally uploading my Hiragana and Katakana Charts! Yay!

Just to give you a quick explanation, hiragana and katakana are both Japanese alphabets, used with Kanji (Chinese Characters).

Originally, Japan didn’t have a writing system and when they found the need for one they borrowed the Chinese writing system. Because Chinese and Japanese are such different languages, hiragana was created to fill in the gaps (you will find out more about this as you learn more Japanese).

Katakana was later created to translate English words, and some other foreign words, that had no equivalent word in Japanese. Katakana is used for foreign names including the names of countries, the names of people, etc. It can also be used to emphasis Japanese words.

Well, history lesson over! Let’s start learning how to write in Japanese!! Feel free to print out my Hiragana and Katakana Charts.

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Roses tutorial - translation


Tutorial from here, full size here. Also a reference for Mt. Fuji.




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I give up on this. I was planning to color it but I failed so OTL. I’ll go continue my college stuff now ugh :’I Anyway the idea here is Alfred’s changing his ‘fate’ to accomplish his goals for ‘Salvation’. It just simply relates to my side ask blog really -w-)”


I was really bored even though I should focus on my college. I’ve decided to do aluox’s ask blog art meme (Template)




things I want to wear

Starry Night Brush for Sai Paint






So while I suffer at the hands of ‘College’, I managed to draw the inspired Sugar Sugar Rune AU idea I made! I haven’t designed Matthew’s wand yet but at least I’m making a process. >w<)b

I got tagged by niinoya (Shiin-sama) >w<)/

Name: Rhea Mae! ouo) <3

Nickname: Rhea, Adrea (No one really calls me by this nickname even though my parents created this), Alfie-sama, Rheme-chan | Rheme and nicknames given by others like ‘Raisin’ for example. :3

Birthday: March. 6! oeo)9

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’2 ;w;)”

Time zone: GMT +8

What time and date is it there: 10:41 P.M. | August 28th 

Average hours of sleep: 6 hours but sometimes it’s just 4 hours. Depends on the things I do in life -casually contemplates my choices-

OTP’s: USUKUS but honestly I love Alfred (APH America) with anyone. America x World! I have OTPs for different series as well but nothing can really outweigh my interest with Al’s pairings.

First word to come to mind: Fluff

Last thing I said to my family: “I’ll be done soon!” -My Mother is telling me to sleep ‘cause it’s late.

One place that makes me happy and why: Home, because it’s where I rest, draw and connect with my online friends. A place isn’t really enjoyable without a company after all and my family is enough.  

How many blankets do I sleep under: Just one. Sometimes I don’t even use a blanket despite the fact our air conditioner is on.

Favorite beverage: Milk, Water and recently Frappe! (if that’s considered as a beverage)

Ten people:

I tag ask-sharkjones | ask-lani | hana-tox | songofblaze | o-reeeo | rabbitmeister | queen-of-my-song | monocirrus | lmoyz | crystallic-melancholy

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So I was kinda attacked by my childhood feels and re-watched Sugar Sugar Rune…(All of it buwahaha- Watch me regret my actions ‘cuz I should have done my college works)  then while at the middle of it, my mind drifted, thinking ‘What if I made an AU of this? Al as Chocolate and Matt as Vanilla.’

SO I JUST- Frick me and my life. It’s…actually a good idea though. I could design clothes and buildings. PLAY AROUND WITH PAIRINGS BECAUSE Hey- It’s like the anime ‘The World God Only Knows’ except more on an innocent purpose. Ahhhh- I’m just so pumped with the images flashing on my mind but I don’t have time.

I will surely keep this on my ‘To-do list’ that’s for sure!

It’s kinda a new slightly dark fanart of APH America that has been bugging me ever since yesterday so- yeah ^q^)b Still in progress though!