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Well first of all, Thank you freedomflag for notifying me! u3u Lots of kisses for you my dear lovely person <3<3<3

Now for my comment: My watermark is still there- My name I mean— and the color is really dull. The original is much more brighter. I honestly don’t know what to feel about this?? Like okay- I learned my lesson about my art being reposted (a lot of times) so I put my god dem signature on every fanart I post online as possible (unless ofc it’s made half assed) but this —-

Using my half-assed art to sell t-shirts??? I really don’t know what to feel. They should at least asked for permission but even if they still did- Hell no way I would let peeps sell my art X’DDD It’s my own wooooorrrkk-

The cons of being a fanart artist really but I honestly never thought this would happen to me. God that artwork ain’t even worth to be printed as a t-shirt design! THEY’RE SELLING IT FOR $25. I MEAN- COME ON. I’m so glad I didn’t made that transparent then hahaha wow such lame

I would report but man that’s a lot of pain in the ass especially when I’m loaded with college crap. Just spread this around and don’t buy the t-shirt. Simple as that.


The tutorial of how I achieve watercolor effect in Sai! :) I highly recommend using real watercolor paintings (your own or ones found on the internet) as reference.

And here you can find a few useful links: 

  1. You can download the Sai file of this picture here: link 
  2. Video process of painting another picture: link
  3. The old watercolor tutorial: link
  4. Sai brushes (none of them is made by me) link + file you need to open them in Sai: link
  5. Awesome watercolor brushes made by Kyle T Webster: link

Here’s the finished painting: link

I wonder if someone is willing to write a fic of Capt. America (Steve) x APH America-


and lets not forget

Character is Artman



headcanon belongs to savingsergeantbarnes and holytaxaccountantt

I’m still in love with the crossover shipping APH America x Captain America (Steve Rogers) and have this desire to draw something related to that again—

I have to draw something while I still have college matters to work on. This is how I cope with the loss of my precious graphic tablet’s important ability, drawing Alfred using my old computer mouse.

I’m trash X’DDD It’s a pin of meh Maleficent fanart and a keychain of my supposed to be bag tag thing picture :U Oh well- Better than nothing.

Kinda funny because the guy cropped it and now it said ‘Alfred ♥ Rhe’ 
Still better than nothing of course X’D

I really love Thomas Sanders! He’s the best /w\

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green blood, right?? maybe it’s Kanaya 0: